Take Short Surveys.
Earn Cool Rewards.
Redeem. Repeat.

SurveyMini - Survey List

SurveyMini - Survey List

SurveyMini rewards you for answering quick surveys when you visit some of your favorite restaurants, stores, and attractions. Every time you complete a survey, no more than 11 questions, you'll receive rewards like free food, discounts, and points toward gift cards.

Why SurveyMini

You have opinions, right?

Now there's a fast and easy way to turn those opinions into discounts and free stuff, all for answering a few short questions. Download SurveyMini and you'll be taking a shortcut to great rewards.

  • listReceive short surveys on your smartphone, on the spot.

  • stopwatchShort surveys. Never more than 11 questions.

  • starEarn rewards like free food, discounts and points towards gift cards.

  • talkShare your opinions and help brands service customers better.

  • batteryhighKeep battery drain to a minimum with our patent-pending location-detection method.

How it works

How it works

When you are in the moment,
we'd like to know what you're thinking.

Your opinion is important to the brands that serve you. That's why SurveyMini has a patent-pending visit-detection technology* that can send you surveys that apply to the specific places you visit.

  • Download the SurveyMini app
  • Receive SHORT mobile surveys about the places you go
  • Complete the surveys on your smartphone
  • Receive rewards
  • Repeat


How it works

Eating. Shopping.
Going. Doing.

When you use the SurveyMini app, you get rewarded well for your efforts. You’ll receive rewards like free food, discounts, and points toward gift cards in exchange for your feedback. Your opinion will be used to help organizations better understand your preferences and ultimately serve all customers better.