What have your
customers told us?


SMG is collecting consumer feedback like never before, using this patent-pending, mobile research app to survey panelists across the country. Driven by a nationwide map of more than 6,000 brands and 600,000 locations, SurveyMini detects over 10 million actual consumer visits.

What makes SurveyMini better than other customer research tools?

The difference is in the data. Consumers share. In fact, with an 80% survey response rate, SurveyMini panelists are sharing a lot. We listen. But listening is just the beginning.

SMG turns customer data into relevant, actionable insights. Find out how to put those insights to work for your brand by requesting a SurveyMini demo.


SurveyMini prompts customers to take a survey shortly after leaving a location, for more timely feedback.


Get smarter on your entire category by learning about customer experiences beyond your own locations.


SurveyMini’s geo-location technology gives you access to behavioral data you don’t get from surveys.